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Stand 4 Life – May 1, 2010

As we pray for our government to uphold life, we have a responsibility in our own region to be a witness. After all, abortions are not happening in the Supreme Court building, they happen in our neighborhoods! The church is required to be the conscience of America. Let s start in our own backyards.

This is a call to action! On May 1, thousands will gather in silent prayer from 10am-12pm, covering all 63 abortion centers in Florida. We will lay aside our denominational differences and preferences to be the demonstration of justice for those who have no voice. We will come as a silent force with one message: LIFE. Click on the link below to hear The Call to Stand4LIFE. You are welcome to post or copy as needed. Stand 4 Life

Why stand in silence?
Shouting won’t change the heart, but silence can disarm even the hardest of hearts. In our silence, we are praying for eyes to be opened and hearts to be changed. Shoulder to shoulder…We will stand. Heart to heart…We will pray. From clinic to clinic…We will believe abortion can be overturned in our day!

Regional Coordinators
We are looking for people who can mobilize the church in their region. This is not for the faint of heart. It’s going to take labor, effort and favor to bring the church, schools and pro-life politicians together for a silent prayer strike on May 1, 2010. Up for the challenge? Contact us immediately at Stand4LIFE@me. com. To see a full list of the abortion centers in Orlando

Pastor of a church?
We will be sending teams to your area. We would love to help you mobilize your church. Contact us atStand4LIFE@me. com, or call us at 407-340-0204 407-340-0204 . Every church has a unique mission, but we all must take a Stand4LIFE. We need you. Your region needs you. Take your place on the frontline!

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