Mar 10

About those Truth Trucks….

We began about 20 years ago to open a local Care Net and Pregnancy Care Center in our community. In fact ministries outnumber the one abortion chamber in our town and they are funded by families and churches- none of your tax dollars go to our ministry to the mom in crisis, only money out of our own pockets.

Then we began abortion counseling to minister to the women (and men) who have been tramatized by abortion. Many, many of us and our friends have been through these courses and have received healing finally from the guilt, shame and regret.

Then we began PersonhoodFL to protect not only the pre-born but also the elderly and the disabled.

Only then did we bring out the pictures. We do not like to show them. But it is time for Truth to be told. It is time for this holocaust to end. It is very important not to miss this window of grace. We do not want to have to have a civil war to finally end this injustice like we had to with slavery. Our founding fathers did not like slavery but yielded to those who said to wait. Now we have the blood of over 52 million innocent on our hands. As Thomas Jefferson said of slavery and Abraham Lincoln quoted him, “I shutter when I think that God is just, and His justice cannot sleep forever.”

I am very sorry that the pictures have caused you any pain. But can you feel sorrow for that little baby and realize that his pain is even greater? If you have had an abortion please seek healing, Jesus died for our sins, knowing that we would commit them. Then He wants to use us to bring healing to our state. Let’s rise up and do what our Constitution mandates us to do: “enjoy and defend life”.

We have many friends who have adopted babies from the rescued women at abortion chambers. I know one couple who goes weekly to the abortion chamber and yearns for a baby they are unable to have.

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  1. AMEN!!!
    The photographic TRUTH needs to be shown to truly appreciate the horror of what is being done to HUMAN BEINGS.

    Even people who consider themselves Pro-Life and want abortion eradicated need to see these pictures on a regular basis so that we don’t slip into denial of the enormity of this crime being perpetrated ALL AROUND US.

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