Mar 11

Urgent prayer required

It is critical that we are praying for hearts, eyes, ears, spirits to be opened to Revelation and Repentance. True Repentance. True Godly sorrow, true understanding the depth of the holocaust we are stuck in which at any moment could widen, deepen and increase with a vote on the Floor.

Many of you are already fasting and praying with 40 Days for Life or with Lou Engle or the many others that are calling for humilition and fasting and extreme, crying out prayer. Let’s cry out for God Almighty to move in such a way, “Not by power nor by might but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.”

Let’s pray that as the trucks and missionaries come into each town that there would be an anointing; that as the pictures are seen, that the anger people feel would be directed, not at these apostles and prophets, but at the sin of abortion itself.

Let’s pray that as the people were moved into action at the pictures of the emaciated bodies piled into mass graves in Germany and as Wilberforce was moved into action when he saw the chains of slavery and smelled death in the slaver ships, that we as a state and as individual cities and individual citizens, will respond as the Lord would have us do.

May the Holy Spirit lead us into the wilderness of prayer, intense prayer this week especially. I have such a burden that our response to Truth this week will determine whether this revolution will be filled with grace and mercy unto restoration or judgment unto the destruction that we know we deserve.

Check out the sites below and connect locally to see how you can join/pray for/ feed &/or provide lodging for these precious saints. They are here from California (!!!) giving their time and asking for no money, sacrificing their vacations and income for a few weeks to open up the heavens for us. What happens now is up to us.

I am coordinating supper for them in PSL on the 16th. If you could make a half dozen sandwiches, a kettle of soup or some snacks, please call me. If you would like to meet somewhere for some intense prayer (anyone have a church/building close by US1 and PSL Blvd available?) anytime after 1pm that would be fantastic.

Read below and respond in an anointed prayerful way!

Personhood FL Launches ProLife Tour with Graphic ProLife Signs

Pastor Bryan Longworth, director Personhood FL 772-237-1586

Cal Zastrow, Co-Founder Personhood USA 601-454-4819

Personhood Florida launches the Personhood FL Spring Break Tour 2010 today. The tour two “truth trucks” with large signs of born, preborn, and aborted babies along with 45 prolifers with large signs of born, preborn, and aborted babies. The tour will start today, March 9, in Panama City Beach, then goes to Tallahassee, Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm, Port St Lucie, Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Jacksonville. For detailed times and locations, [visit the Personhood FL Facebook Event Page.]

For individual times and locations, see the events list below.

During the tour, [Personhood Florida] will distribute 30,000 Personhood FL Constitutional Amendment Petitions. The Personhood FL Constitutional Amendment will provide constitutional protection to all humans, including the preborn and will directly challenge the constitutionality of Roe – vs – Wade. Personhood FL views this tour as a strategic opportunity to spread the message of personhood across the state as it works to establish personhood ambassadors in every region, county, city, church, synagogue, civic organization, precinct, and neighborhood.

Cal Zastrow, co-founder of [Personhood USA], will take part in the Personhood FL Tour. “The murder is going to end in Florida,” Castrow proclaimed. “We’re excited to help Floridians fulfill their constitutional right to “enjoy and defend life.”

Personhood FL director Pastor Bryan Longworth believes it’s time to end abortion. “For over 37 years, prolifers have tolerated the killing of innocent children and the sick,” Longworth laments. “It is time to end abortion and protect all innocent human life in Florida.”

[Personhood FL], is a people’s initiative to amend the Constitution of Florida, (just like the recently passed Marriage Amendment) and is refreshingly non-partisan and a-political. Our goal is to gather 676,811 petition signatures from registered Floridian voters by February 1, 2012 to enable Florida voters the right to vote in the General Elec­tion of 2012 for the Personhood Amendment so that all Floridians are protected from the moment of biological beginning to natural death. Citizens can download, print, and distribute the Florida Personhood Amendment at [the Personhood FL website. ]

Cal Zastrow is the co-founder of Personhood USA and is working in over 41 states to end abortion through personhood constitutional ballot initiatives and acts.

Pastor Longworth is the director of Personhood FL, the associate pastor of Covenant Tabernacle [Covenant Tabernacle] in Port St. Lucie, and the 5th ranked Top Conservative on Twitter with over 62,000 followers. Pastor Longworth has been involved in the prolife movement since 1988 and has spent 3 years in jail for peacefully protecting women and children from abortion.

Personhood FL Tour Facebook Events:

March 9 – Panama City Beach –

March 9 – Panama City Beach Afternoon –

March 10 – Tallahassee Lunch –

March 10 – Tallahassee Afternoon-

March 11 – Gainesville Morning –

March 11 – Ocala Lunch –

March 11 – Tampa Afternoon –

March 12 – Tampa Morning –

March 12 – Sarasota Lunch –

March 12 – Fort Myers Afternoon –

March 13 – Miami South Beach –

March 15 – Miami Morning –

March 15 – Miami Lunch –

March 15 – Miami Afternoon –

March 16 – Ft Lauderdale Morning –

March 16 – West Palm Beach Lunch –

March 16 – Port Saint Lucie Afternoon –

March 17 – Orlando Lunch –

March 17 – Orlando Afternoon –

March 17 – Daytona Beach Evening –

March 18 – Jacksonville Lunch –

March 18 – Jacksonville Afternoon –

For the generation yet to be born,
Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin PersonhoodFL
7186 S US Highway 1, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

“…..we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord,.…so the next generation might know them even the children not yet born- and they in turn will teach their own children. So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands.”
Psalm 78: 4, 6–7


  1. Your Comments
    Incredible schedule!!
    May the Lord put an end to baby murder, in Jesus name!
    Let hearts break for the babies and run for petitions!
    Let the babies live!! Bless the faithful FL rescuers, Judy
    and Patte!!!

  2. You can count on my prayers. I will add you in prayers.

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