Aug 10

PersonhoodFL Interviews Local Candidates

As my daughter Juli and I entered the local bowling alley sponsored event to meet local candidates, we were immediately aware that this was not going to be the “sit down and listen” affair that we had expected.  Candidates abounded with their buttons,” Red-white-and-blue” and business cards.  We quickly went to plan B.   Juli suggested interviewing the candidates who did not respond to the local Christian Coalition of the Treasure Coast’s candidate survey that they would support PersonhoodFL.  This a petition initiative  to establish the right to life to pre-born infants, the elderly and the disabled by defining them as persons.

This election season is a great time to interview candidates, bring them the Personhood message and urge them to stand for LIFE for those who cannot speak for themselves.  We had a great time making new friends, connecting with others in whom we had already planted seeds and making appointments with those who need time to think this most urgent issue through to its logical conclusion.

Enjoy these interviews, may they inspire and encourage you to befriend and challenge your local candidates.  Send us your clips!

If your local Christian Coalition has not published a Candidate survey, please contact Pastor Bryan Longworth, the State Director for PersonhoodFL on the Contact Page.

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