Feb 12

Please send in your petitions

OK.  True confession.  I have hundreds of petitions to send in; they are in a basket being added to daily.  But we need a count!  Could you send yours in to the address at the bottom of the petition?  If you are able to scan them and/or write down who from your church has signed, that will help you in the future when you do an outreach again in your church.

Wasn’t the March for LIFE a blessing?!  We had a record turn out- by far the most saints came out ever!  Praise God!

But do you know that when I ministered at our local abortion chamber at 6 am this past Saturday, there was also a record number?  About twice as many mommies came in for abortions than usual.  I am heartsick.  One mommy even had on a sweatshirt with “Jesus” written on it.

But I am re-newed in my conviction that it is time to end abortion.  Those women really think it is legal to get an abortion.  Isaiah 42 comes to mind where the nation of Israel is being rebuked:

“….. neither were they obedient unto His law….”

As Frederic Bastiat said, there is a tendency for man to think that whatever is made into law is legal, but Locke carefully taught us the difference between law and license.  Today’s Christians may not realize this, but our Founding Fathers read and knew Locke and Bastiat.  That is why they said,

“We hold these Truths…..”

Are we “holding” them today?  A growing remnant of God’s people are.  Would you be one of them?  Would you Speak for the Weak this year?

Be part of the solution so we do not realize the next verse in Isaiah 42:25,

“So he poured out on them his burning anger, the violence of war.
It enveloped them in flames, yet they did not understand;
it consumed them, but they did not take it to heart.

We need to DEFEND LIFE (FL Constitution) and share the personhood movement.  Print out the petition and share it with friends.  Call local churches and pastors and share the Good News, the message of life.


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