May 13

Become a Personhood Missionary

Become a Personhood Missionary!

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Why Personhood, Florida? from Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin on Vimeo.

“What is Personhood? It is the recognition by our culture and our government that each individual human life has an “unalienable” right to life from its earliest biological beginning. This right to life extends to natural death, regardless of one’s disability, gender, race, dependency or manner of conception. The “unalienable” right to life comes from God by virtue of the fact, that we have been created in His image and are thus imbued with a unique worth and dignity not found in the rest of creation.” (From Personhood: A Pragmatic Guide to Prolife Victory in the 21st Century and the Return to First Principles in Politics by Dan Becker) (To order this fantastic book, click here)

Mission: Personhood is a movement working to respect the God-given right to life by recognizing all human beings as persons who are “created in the image of God” from the beginning of their biological development, without exceptions. (See PersonhoodUSA for information on your state)

Goal: To get 676,811 signed, verified petitions to put the Personhood Amendment on Florida’s General Election Ballot.

Will YOU become a Personhood Missionary for the pre-born by getting 1000 petitions signed this summer?

See PersonhoodFL for
Reaching out to Pastors
How to petition
The Petition and Resources You Need

All you need to add is yourself, your friends and your innovation, initiative and industry

Be a Personhood Missionary: Get 1000 petitions for LIFE this summer.

Make it the Summer for LIFE

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