Jun 07

PersonhoodFL scholarship for Christian Entrepreneurship Program

Enjoy this interview with David Barton and Rick Green of Wall Builders, as they explain the importance of the Personhood movement and Christian Entrepreneurship on their broadcast:


To see the program and learn how you can earn the scholarship by becoming a Personhood Missionary see:

PersonhoodFL scholarship for the Christian Entrepreneurship Program

Dr. Virkler has generously offered this Personhood scholarship because he knows the cultural importance of defending life and training our youth to be leaders that will defend life:

“Life is absolutely sacred. Life begins at conception. God ordains each of our lives. Killing a baby in the womb is a sin against God. God will bless the nation that upholds His laws and come against the nation that takes innocent lives. We must outlaw abortion. Participating in the personhood movement is one way you can help bring restoration to America.”

Dr. Mark Virkler, President
Christian Leadership University

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