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We will not give up! We Will End Abortion! Will You Help?

Yes on 26 Life Begins as Fertilization Amendment

Vote for Life Yes on 26

With the loss of Mississippi’s Initiative 26, many in the prolife movement and the media have asked what is our strategy here in Florida. They are quick to point out that Mississippi is more prolife than Florida and ask how we think we can win if a similar initiative can’t even pass in Mississippi.

My first response is, what makes you think Personhood can’t pass in Mississippi? Just because it didn’t pass doesn’t mean that it can’t pass. I believe that it not only can pass but will pass because I believe that the people of Mississippi are prolife and will see past the lies of Planned Parenthood and the confusion of “prolife” Governor Haley Barbour and vote to end abortion and protect all innocent human life!

When we started Personhood FL, we knew that the percentage of Floridians who are prolife without exception was much lower than the 60% needed to pass the FL ProLife Personhood Amendment; however, we believe that every time we go out, every time we petition for personhood, every time we present the humanity of the preborn child, every time we say that you shouldn’t starve and dehydrate someone simply because they’re elderly or disabled, we make the case for life and move that percentage closer and closer to 60%.

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You see Personhood is the William Wilberforce model. William Wilberforce presented a bill to abolish slavery. It didn’t pass, so he presented his bill again the next year, and the next year, and the next year, until the people of England viewed slavery as abhorrent, and together with abolitionists in  America, slavery ended for the most part world wide.

Where do you go to buy a good slave today? It wasn’t too long ago that you could go to nearly any town square and buy a slave. Today however virtually all nations view slavery as abhorrent, and one day people will look back on abortion as abhorrent. One day people will look back on the crimes committed to the preborn in the womb today and wonder why did they ever let that happen?

Personhood Florida will press on to victory! We will continue on! We will not give up!  We are living in a time where we have the opportunity to participate in ending abortion and protecting every innocent human life in Florida, the United States of America, and the world! We desperately need to pass prolife personhood amendments in every state in the America, and ultimately, we need a federal personhood amendment.

We must move quickly, however, because we have now shed the blood of over 55,000,000 preborn children and wounded millions of women through abortion. According to the Bible, when innocent blood is shed, it cries out from the ground for vengeance and will only be silenced when the murderer  is legally tried and executed. (In the case of abortion, this would result in prosecutors trying abortionists for crimes against humanity and seeking the death penalty upon conviction.) The scariest accounts in the Bible is found in looking at how God dealt with the Manasseh’s sin. The Bible tells us in 2 Kings 21:16, “Moreover Manasseh shed very much innocent blood, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another…” (NKJV) Then in 2 Kings 24:2-4, we see that God raised up adversaries to destroy  Judah “because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the LORD would not pardon.” In America, we have shed the blood of close to 20% of our population. We have to wonder: how many more babies can we kill in America before God wipes us of the map? We must humble ourselves before God, pray, seek his face, and turn from our wicked ways so that God can hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land. We must end abortion and protect all innocent human life while we still have a window of grace.

The good news is that leading up to and following  the Mississippi vote, Personhood FL has linked up with new volunteers who are willing to help make the case for life in their county!

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