Jan 30

Petitioning at the Polls!

Suggestions For Petitioning at the Polls:

1. Check your sample ballot for a listing of polling locations or go to your county supervisor of elections website to see if they give a list of polling locations in your county.

2. Determine which polling locations will be the most heavily trafficked and focus on covering those if possible. You can find this out one of two ways: Some counties have a ratio or percentage of voting based on precincts listed on their website…this would be helpful. Otherwise call the supervisor of elections and ask them if they could suggest to you which locations would be used the most. Meal times are the busiest and most strategic times.

3. You have to stand at least 100 feet from the entrance of the poll building. This should be clearly marked for you.

4. a. If possible pass out the petitions AND the bulletin inserts. If you are limited on printing then just stick with the petitions themselves and print out just a few of the bulletins so you can easily explain personhood to others.
b. It is best to have the petitions signed right on the spot and mail in the the petitions to the address at the bottom of the petition.
c. You may print out 100 petitions per location (that’s 50 pages with 2 per page) and the same number of bulletins, if possible. Use the same strategy for petitioning at the churches. Give extra petitions out to those you feel will get others to sign petitions and who will share personhood with others!
d. If you are limited in printing (using your personal printer, etc.) to make copies then a suggestion for mass producing for bulletin inserts would be to run them in “draft” mode and copy them in black and white. Ultimately the pretty colored ones are best, but if it’s the difference between you printing the inserts or not, then use black and white on fast draft printer setting. The petitions print out just fine on a draft setting as well!

5. Along with several petitions and some bulletin inserts on each clipboard include a volunteer sign up sheet. Encourage people to share their email address so that we can keep them informed as the movement grows.

6. Make sure to take some water and chairs for you with clipboards and pens for the petitions and maybe a basket or two for your signed petitions. You can print out the prolife petition signs found on the www.personhoodfl.com under resources.

7. Another identifying help would be to wear a TASTEFUL pro-life T-Shirt.

Thank you so much for all you are doing to end abortion and save our county, even those “yet to be born.”

Wanda Kohn, Church Coordinator

Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin, State Coordinator

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