Feb 08

Did Your Pastor Preach a ProLife Sermon Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 2012?

Body Network Personhood Florida Bryan Longworth

Pastor Bryan Longworth

Did your pastor preach a prolife sermon Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 2012? Fill out the poll below to let us know; take time to encourage your pastor; and share links to your pastor’s prolife sermon.

If your pastor did preach a prolife sermon, please thank him, because I guarantee you that he hears complaints from those who don’t want to hear about where God stands on the shedding of innocent blood. If your pastor didn’t preach a prolife sermon, encourage him to do so. Again, your pastor does hear from those who don’t want to hear the truth. He needs to hear encouragement from those who know that the truth will set you free as well! Who knows: your words may lead him to preach prolife sermons more often or give him the courage to preach one for the first time if he’s never done so before.

The good news is that we have heard great reports of pastors across Florida preaching bold, powerful, prolife sermons. Pastors and church secretaries from multiple counties downloaded the new Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment Petition to collect petition signatures in their churches. We’ve received envelopes with petitions from churches and individuals throughout our state, but we want more! We need to hear more stories of pastors standing for life. We need to see every church in Florida download and distribute the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment, and we need you to mail you petitions to Personhood FL, 7186 S US Highway 1, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952. If you have pictures and/or video links from your pastor’s prolife sermon, please post them on Personhood Florida’s Facebook page and/or Twitter account. We’re going to start featuring prolife sermons from Florida pastors, and we’d love to feature a prolife sermon from your pastor in upcoming weeks. We can’t do so though if you don’t share the link, so what are you waiting for? Let us know today!

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