Apr 06

Personhood Florida Across the State

Attending the 2012 Law of Life Summit “2”  at Ave Maria Law University was one of the highlights of the weekend.  The students discussed personhood strategy in the opening event Thursday night.  The leaders agreed that what is crucial for success in re-establishing a pro-life culture to our state and nation is humility among our ministries.  This is well articulated in this LifeSiteNews article.

Several pro-life ministries expressed the importance of recognizing that our battle for life is not limited to the pre-born, but must include proactive protection for the aging and disabled.

This is why those of us at PersonhoodFL are so excited about this Constitutional Amendment.  It protects all human beings, from the moment of biological development until natural death, no matter how each person is conceived or what condition they are in.  Every person is precious and has a destiny from God that needs to be nurtured and protected by love and by law.

Personhood FL Co-Sponsor and State Coordinator Brenda MacMenamin will be in the Hillsborough County area Saturday April 14th. Please join us for a Rally for Life, April 14,  2-4pm at 1st Missionary Baptist Church of Highland Pines, 4711 E 21st Ave., Tampa, FL 33605.

Personhood Florida Co-Sponsor and State Coordinator Brenda MacMenamin will be at the FPEA convention May 24-26.

Would you invite anyone and everyone you know whose hearts beat for the next generation and for the future of our country, to one of these meetings, if they are close to you? This Window of Grace has to be taken full advantage of while it is open.  If not now, when?  If not us, who!

Please come and we will bring a presentation to educate those you invite, who are concerned with the heritage we will be leaving for our children and children’s children!

We are having a serious but exciting campaign to end abortion by establishing personhood for the preborn as a Florida constitutional amendment.  There is an urgency to this movement as we do not know how long we will have the freedom to defend the orphans and widows.  We find that young people especially, are excited about this movement.  We are petitioning 2012-2013 to have this amendment on the Florida General Election ballot of 2014.

For more information or to ask for a speaker to visit you see  Guardians of Liberty and contact:

Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin, State Coordinator
Personhood FL

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