Aug 17

Fun Petitioning at the Polls- Gearing up for the General Election 2012

This precious family took several hours of their family time, and hit the polls to share the exciting, relevant message of personhood in their neighborhood!







Teams from Lake County got 100’s of petition signatures! Way to Go Lake County!!





These persons, from The Avenue Young Adults Ministry, reached out on their local college campus with the message of Life and that more abundantly. Read more about their experience and testimonies:

“My generation is taking a stand for life! With a baby’s first picture now being a sonogram, it is easy to see why. People my age are able to literally SEE a baby’s fully formed body while it is still in the womb.

“Tuesday was Florida’s Primary Race. I had the privilege of coordinating a group of young adults for petitioning at the polls, specifically the poll at our community college. I am active in the Personhood movement in Florida, seeking to amend the Florida constitution to define the pre-born, elderly, and disabled as “persons” so they have the right to life. Why am I involved in pro-life work?”  To read more and see more testimonies, see this post.

The General Election will be here before we know it!  Invite your friends and family to petition with you at your poll!  We generally divided the day into 6 2 hour slots and asked 2 people to petition in each slot.  Of course the schedule varied with individuals’ schedules.  But we basically filled several polls in our county with petitioners from 7am to 7pm when the polls closed.

I got to lead one young man to the Lord while petitioning and got to meet many, many precious people.  I got motivated to pray for a few curt people and was privileged to pray with several women who told me their abortion stories.  We cried and prayed together on the street.

Come, be Jesus on the Street while you minister in your community, petitioning to bring Life and that Abundantly back to Florida!

You can print the petitions, bulletin insert flyers and prolife signs from this link.  Thank you for your love and Committment to LIFE.



Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin

State Coordinator, PersonhoodFL

(c) 2012 Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin

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