Georgia Right to Life President, Dan Becker comes to Florida for PersonhoodFL Training

This is what we will be doing in Fort Pierce on the IRSC campus on October 23-24th. Dan Becker, the president of Georgia Right to Life will be coming to train us. The first day will be training for the pro-life students with time to role play and practice. The second day will be an outreach to the campus students by the students that have been trained.

IRSC, Fort Pierce Campus:  

     Training Tues 10/ 23   9-2pm in V110

     Outreach- Wed 10/24  9-2pm under the  Pavilion 

     Handouts:  IRSC Prolife Outreach.4up

     Signup Sheets:  Signup Sheet


The students sit through 4 hours of “seat work” (Pillars of Personhood Training) then an hour of “feet work” where we actually stand around the display and role play with the information just given. The goal is to impart some initial level of proficiency in engaging the public in dialogue around the issue of Personhood.

It has 4 or 5 segments:

1. The biblical case for the sanctity of life (doctrine of imago dei) Why is a Christian worldview important as the foundation and why do we NOT shy away from sharing our faith when asked for the reason for what we believe.
2. The historical position of the Church through the ages.
3. The history of the modern pro-life movement.
4. The Personhood argument
5. The need for Personhood to address future issues, how to use the display to move the culture off of “its a woman’s issue” and move them to a human rights discussion.

What  Is Personhood?

In the United States, the term ‘Person’ refers to an individual who has certain inherent rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution and are bestowed by God. The intrinsic humanity of unborn children, by definition, means they are persons and their right to life should therefore be protected under the law. For almost forty years, however, this has not been the case.

Now is the time… Will you be a Voice?  Please join us at 3201 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34981

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