Nov 05

ProLife Personhood FL Petitioning at the Polls!

We need over 700,000 signatures from registered voters from across the state to get the Personhood Amendment on the Florida ballot for 2014. NOW is the perfect time to find these people as they stand in line waiting to vote outside the early voting centers AND the centers open on election day.

In Florida, what constitutes a person is not defined by law; therefore, legal protection is not extended to the preborn and is presently in jeopardy with our elderly and disabled.

The proposed Personhood Amendment defines all humans as “persons” under the Florida Constitution regardless of age, race, creed, mental or physical ability. It will establish justice and respect for life from the moment of biological beginning until natural death.

Here is a suggestion on how to petition: Cut out cardboard that is just a little bigger than the petition (5×7). On the back side print “PROLIFE PETITIONS”. Make about 5 or 6 of these. Place a handful of petitions on the piece of cardboard and put a heavy rubber band around it (take some extra rubber bands in case of breakage.) Print the petitions (2 per page option)  from www.PersonhoodFL.com under Resources and cut them in half.  Print the bulletin inserts as well. Tuck pens under the rubber band. Take these, along with a friend or spouse, to your closest early voting office to ask voters if they will sign the petition. The boundaries for petitioning should already be marked. If not, then ask a poll worker. Make it a ‘fun’ event and ask others to help you! 

Volunteers may want to go out in pairs to petition. Consider getting a listing of the various polling locations from the Supervisor of Elections website for your county. There is usually a place on the website that will indicate the locations with the heaviest traffic. You might consider targeting these locations first. Make a list of those you would like to petition at and then assign volunteers to cover them. I tried to have some back up locations as some of the polling locations do not end up working well for petitioning. We communicate by cell phone throughout the day and make location adjustments as needed. 

So call a few of your friends or home schoolers and ask if they will petition for Personhood FL. There should be a good amount of voting traffic on election day but petitioning during early voting should be pretty busy as well. Petitioning at the polls is a bit contagious!!! 

Check out this script: Poll Petitioning script to help volunteers petition confidently. When you have finished, gather up the petitions and send them to the address on the bottom left of the petition.

Once the elections are over, you can do the same thing at other events that draw large numbers of people, such as arts festivals, Christian events, gun shows (most productive!), etc.

 If you have any questions or need further assistance, please give me a call. 

 Working to define all humans as persons,

Thank you so much for all your help and for your love for the Lord and His ways! You can jump on board to be activated to into one of these simple yet highly effective strategies. We can restore Biblical principles and blessings to our state and nation. He will be glorified by our faithfulness and prayers! It is a blessing and honor to work with you.


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