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Joshua & Caleb and the 2013 Land of LIFE and that Abundantly

Joshua & Caleb and the Promise

Joshua & Caleb and the Promise

Joshua and Caleb were the two spies who went with the other 10 to seek out the land for Moses as they obeyed God to enter the land that He had for them.  As you probably know, it was a land of “Milk and Honey” and two brought back a huge cluster of grapes on a staff.  Joshua and Caleb trusted God to bring them into this land but they had to wait for 40 years because of the fear and unbelief of the other spies.  (Numbers 14)

Let’s be full of Faith, especially since, up until now, God has not wiped us out because of the shedding of innocent blood, (Ezekiel 9) which is what we deserve!

But we have a beautiful promise, that if we repent, He will relent.  (Joel 2)  He only needs a Gideon’s army.  What if only 300 of us each call 10 churches this week and ask them to petition this Sunday, for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  What if we then continue to call 10 churches each week.  Surely there are 300 of us who will do this!  Surely there are 7000 pastors who have not bowed their knee to Baal!  Surely we can get 100 petitions from each of them!  If 300 of us are calling 10 churches each week, that is 3000 per week.  If we do even a fraction of this, we can reach across Florida and share the Good News of the Gospel, that Jesus Christ came, that He shed His blood for our sins, surely even the sin of allowing over 50 millions tiny children to be killed ruthlessly and violently through abortion.  Surely He will hear our cry- the cry of all us victimized women, the cry of all those babies, the cry of all the children of God who have felt so helpless over these years to end this holocaust.

But we are not without help.  God has heard our cry and He has opened the most beautiful Window of Grace that we have seen in our Generation and that is the strategy to establish Personhood for the Preborn to defend every human life from the moment of conception even until natural death!

Please join us in the strategy to reach every pastor with the message of LIFE for 2013.  Please call 10 churches this week!  Pastors want to bring a pro-life message of Hope during Sanctity of Human Life week.  Let’s commemorate the infamous 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade by honoring God and ending abortion.  Let’s honor our state constitution, as Floridians, to “…Enjoy and Defend LIFE…”

If you want to get involved, contact us NOWDonate to the cause.  Let’s stop wandering around in our fear and unbelief.  Download the petition, sign it, have your friends sign it and mail them to the address on the petition.  Let’s act like this Window of Grace may not be open for ever.  Let’s end this holocaust, before it ends us.

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