Aug 23

Watch the What It Means to be ProLife Seminar Video!

What it Means to Be ProLife Seminar with Dan Becker

What it Means to Be ProLife Video

Did you miss the What it Means to be ProLife Seminar? Watch the professionally produced video today at Watch FL Representative Charles Van Zant share his efforts to fight abortion in the FL legislature, and watch Dan Becker share what it means to be prolife in the 21st century.

As you watch, you’ll be shocked by what you learn. Did you know that Obama administration officials are advocating for killing born children who are handicapped? Did you know that scientists have mixed human genes with animal genes to form human-animal hybrids? Did you know that scientists have created glow in the dark human embryos by mixing jellyfish genes with human genes? Did you know that scientist have created headless mice? How long will it be until they create headless humans for the purpose of harvesting body parts? More important: what can you do to stop America from descending down this slippery slope? What does God require of you?

The Good news is that we can make a difference. We can follow in the footsteps of past generations of Christians who fought the attacks on human life in there day. We can restore the sanctity of human life and see that all humans are protected by love and by law. In this video, Dan Becker shows how

Will you join us in this fight? Please download and sign the Florida ProLife Personhood Petition today. When passed, the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment will establish constitution protection of our God given right to life. Next, signup for our next volunteer conference call, and donate to help Personhood FL take this message of life to every region, every county, every city, and every church in Florida.

Dan Becker is leading the pro-life movement toward a new paradigm of pro-life activism.  See Dan on Personhood FL’s new video: Personhood: The New Pro-Life Paradigm. Becker is the National Field Director for Personhood USA and the President of Georgia Right to Life. He has over three decades of pro-life activism to his credit. His studies under Dr Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri during the summer of 1973, challenged him to develop a biblical worldview that shaped his view of pro-life political action. He served as PAC Director for Georgia Right to Life during the eight years that Georgia went from a three percent pro-life legislature to a majority pro-life legislature with all nine statewide constitutional officers holding a pro-Personhood, NO-exceptions position on the issue of abortion and the protection of all innocent human life.

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