Dec 22

Merry Christmas from Personhood FL

Christmas Nativity

Christmas Nativity

At this time of year, we choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus and despite all of the attempts to call this time Winter Holiday, Winter Break, Xmas, or Festival of Lights, the fact remains that Jesus is the reason for the season!  This is a season of choice – courageous and wondrous choices!

Jesus, very God of very God, chose to be obedient to his Father and take on human form so he could die on a cross for our sins. Mary, a young woman who became pregnant before she married Joseph, chose to endure the shame she would surely encounter because she knew that she carried the messiah.  Joseph, who could have abandoned Mary and “put her away quietly,” chose to marry her because he believed the angel who told him that Mary’s child was conceived of the Holy Spirit. How sad that we now use the word choice to represent the selfish massacre of unborn children.

This is the reason Personhood is so important a movement.  All humans are persons because they are made in the image of God.  Some have attempted to deny the personhood of the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.  Some have attempted to assign personhood to animals. Some have attempted to create a list of qualities that must be present before personhood is assigned.  All these will fail because all humans and only humans are made in the image of God!

During this season of righteous choices lets renew our commitment to Personhood. Personhood FL is gearing up for our next petition drive, and we need your help. Please continue to choose to defend life with your time, prayers, and monetary gifts. Please give your most generous donation today here. No gift is too small or big.

Our cause is just and we will prevail if we just persevere.

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