Nov 29

Can ProLifers Support ProLife Legislation without Compromising Principles?

Dan Becker Personhood Book Cover

Personhood by Dan Becker

For over 40 years, prolife organizations have attempted to work legislatively with the hopes of reducing abortion. In the past few years, several organizations have sprung up that are working to end abortion completely through the passage of constitutional amendments knows as personhood amendments. Is it possible for prolife volunteers who are working to end abortion to also make progress legislatively without compromising their principles? Join special guest Dan Becker December 8 on Personhood FL’s monthly volunteer conference call as he talks about the types of legislation that prolifers can and can’t support without violating the principle that human life should be protected without exception.

Join Personhood FL’s December volunteer conference call Tuesday, December 8 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST to hear our guest Dan Becker explain how prolifers can make progress legislatively while working to end abortion and protect all innocent human life. Register for Personhood FL’s December volunteer call here.

You’ll also learn how you can help Personhood Florida restore the culture of life. Personhood Florida President, Pastor Bryan Longworth, and Volunteer Director, David Borrero will share about the many ways you can help Personhood FL work toward the day when all humans, born and preborn, will be protected.

Register for Personhood FL’s December volunteer call here.

Daniel Becker Bio

Dan Becker Personhood FL Principled Politics

Dan Becker

Attended Emmaus Bible College 1970-1973
Studied the summer of 1973 under Dr. Francis Schaeffer, L’Abri, Switzerland.

Advanced Communication Technology & Services, Inc., CEO, 1981-2014

Daniel has been active in Republican politics since 1988. In 1992 Dan ran against Nathan Deal (current Governor of Georgia) for US House in north Georgia’s 9th Congressional seat. Using his protected federal free speech platform, Dan forced the Atlanta television outlets to air 30 second infomercials which revealed in graphic detail, the evil of abortion. This action earned an injunction from a Federal judge. Daniel became the first federal candidate in US history to have his first amendment rights chilled by the use of prior restraint. The subsequent case Becker vs. FCC led to a landmark pro-life victory in Federal Court.

Dan was asked to serve as Political Action Director for Georgia Right to Life in 1999 and was appointed President in 2007, a position he holds today. He served for six years as a National Board Member of National Right to Life and on the board of Advisors for Personhood USA. He is currently President of Personhood Alliance.

A widower, Dan has 5 married children and 26 grandchildren.

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