Dec 29

Thank You For Defending Life

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Celebrate Life!

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of Personhood Florida for your faithful support of our God given right to life in 2015. Our Florida constitution states we have the right to ‘enjoy and defend life’ and that is what we at Personhood FL are actively doing!

This has been a huge year for pro-life citizens as ‘Personhood’ is being discussed in our Presidential debates! Also, with the exposure of the horrific practice of selling baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, we are working hard to send the message to Governor Rick Scott and our legislators that Floridians do not support our tax dollars continuing to fund PP in our state!

Highlights for 2015: because of your generous support, we at Personhood FL were able to:

      • Continue our local outreach working with churches and other pro-life organizations, educating about why we must defend the right to life or ‘Personhood’ for all Floridians, along with our Personhood Amendment petition efforts.
      • Terri SchiavoRepresent Florida by attending the largest pro-life gathering in the nation in February, ‘Bringing America Back to Life’ conference in Cleveland, OH and in March, the ‘Awakening’ in Orlando with Liberty Counsel.
      • Attend the National Personhood Alliance annual meeting/training in Atlanta, representing Florida.
      • Join with Florida Family Policy Counsel in March for ‘Pro-Family Days’ in Tallahassee where we met with our representatives to discuss the necessity of transforming Florida from a culture of death to a culture of life through education, legislation and political action, vetting candidates and pro-life voter guides.

We want to invite you to join with us as we do this again so please ‘Save the Dates’ and consider joining with us to make your voice heard January 25-27th 2016. Our continued presence in Tallahassee makes a big impact on the issues that are brought to the forefront as your legislators will be in session.

Thank you again for championing the right to life, ‘Personhood’ for all Floridians from the preborn to the elderly and disabled. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you as we move into the coming election year and invite you to join our monthly volunteer conference calls. I humbly ask that you would continue standing with us as we are only able to do this through your prayers and financial gifts! (Make your donation here:

May God Bless You in the New Year!

Kitti Hataway
Development Director

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