Jan 10

You’ll Never Guess What this Political Strategist Does to Influence Politicians

For years prolifers have been attempting to lobby elected officials by hosting rallies at state capitols, hoping that large numbers will be enough to influence their votes. Although we have seen some successful strides in the fight to end abortion, the pro-life community continues to struggle with attaining crucial legislative reform that protects all innocent human life. With a majority of Americans now identifying themselves as prolife, we should be seeing far greater victories with the legislative process. Could it be that prolifers are not are not using the best legislative approaches available to influencing public policy?

Don’t Miss Personhood FL’s Volunteer Conference Call Tuesday, January 12th, at 8:00 PM. You’ll learn how one political strategist has been experiencing meaningful and significant reforms in the legislative arena. Ted Patterson, Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, will discuss a training in which he teaches these strategies, as well as teach how prolife Floridians can be successful in Tallahassee with influencing their legislators. Register for Personhood FL’s January volunteer call here.

The information learned on this call will be especially helpful for those who will join Personhood Florida in Tallahassee January 25-27 to lobby our FL senators and representatives and to deliver Personhood Florida’s Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood to Governor Rick Scott’s office.

You’ll also learn how you can help Personhood Florida restore the culture of life. Personhood Florida President, Pastor Bryan Longworth, and Volunteer Director, David Borrero will share about the many ways you can help Personhood FL work toward the day when all humans, born and preborn, will be protected.

Register for Personhood FL’s January volunteer call here.

Ted Patterson Bio

Ted Patterson serves as the Executive Director for the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, and is a national consultant who has used the confrontational model to grow grassroots organizations and lead successful political projects around the country.

Prior to joining Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership in 2014, Ted was the Maryland State Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty and served as the Maryland State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Ted is known for his no-compromise approach to politics and has successfully won battles in defense of 2nd Amendment rights, killed radical government spending proposals, and delivered overwhelming political pain to politicians voting against the rights of the unborn.

Ted now uses that experience to train and mentor other activists in how to apply the confrontational model to grow their organizations and win their political battles.

Patterson holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware and lives in northern Maryland with his wife and their three children.

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