Oct 24

Help Weaken the Legal Argument for Abortion in FL

Preborn Baby in Utero

Preborn Baby in Utero

You’ve probably heard about the right of privacy. The right of privacy is not in the US Constitution, but the US Supreme Court actually invented the right through a series of court cases leading up to Roe v Wade and used it to justify that dreadful decision that has resulted in the death of over 65,000,000 preborn children through abortion.

Shortly after the Roe decision came down, pro-abortion advocates introduced privacy amendments to various state constitutions in an effort to strengthen the legal argument for abortion. Florida was one of those states.

At the time, protecting the privacy of citizens against government intrusion was an important issue. With the NSA spying on Americans in the Obama era, we can certainly see a need for a right of privacy today.

Should this right of privacy equal a right to abortion though? The FL Supreme Court believes so! They have even ruled that the right to abortion found in the Florida Constitution is greater than the right to abortion found in the US Constitution. The result is that if Roe v Wade were overturned today, abortion would continue in FL due to the FL Supreme Courts misuse of the right of privacy!

You can help reign in the FL Supreme Court though by signing Personhood FL’s newly released Privacy Amendment Petition. After you sign and return your petition, Personhood FL will use your petition to encourage the Constitutional Revision Commission to place the privacy amendment on the ballot in 2018. Please sign the Privacy Amendment Petition today. The lives of innocent children hang in the balance!

Help Personhood FL spread the word about the new Privacy Amendment Petition by sharing this email with your friends, liking Personhood FL on Facebook, and making a generous donation today.

Watch our Facebook video explaining the Right of Privacy Amendment:

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