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Petitioning for Personhood Florida's ProLife Constitutional Amendment to End Abortion

ProLife Petition

Thank you so very much for the part you are playing to protect the most innocent among us – those created in the very image of God. We would like to share some tips for you on petitioning at your church.

To print out Personhood petitions for registered Florida voters in your congregation, go to Florida ProLife Personhood Petition and also visit our Resource page for support materials.

Following are some suggestions on ways to petition your church (or be creative):

• Provide your parishioners with the petition and a bulletin insert as they enter the sanctuary and collect them at the back doors afterwards.
• Provide your parishioner with the petitions at the end of the service as they leave the sanctuary.
• Have a table set up in the lobby with a with a number of clipboards/pens/ petitions for people to sign, so if it becomes crowded around the table they can take the clipboards nearby to complete their petition and many can be served at the same time.

Regardless of how you petition your church, consider asking each person to take one bulletin insert to help them explain the Personhood Amendment Petition to their friends as well as an extra 10 petitions to get signatures from registered voting family and friends. Encourage them to bring the petitions they get signed back to church the next week. When my pastor did this, we had more petitions come in the next two weeks than we had come in the first week! We also ask that you have a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet on the table to get information from interested people so we can keep them informed as the Personhood movement grows.

Mail the completed Personhood FL petitions to the address at the bottom of the petition.

You will find a resurgence of Christians wanting to register to vote because of Personhood! So it is also good to have voter registration applications for those not registered. They can be picked up at the local county offices or you can download voter registration forms on our Get Involved page. Make those registering to vote aware that they should wait until they have received their Voter Registration card in the mail before they sign the petition. Have them take a blank Personhood petition with them and they can then mail their signed petition to the address at the bottom of the petition.

Please send us your church’s contact person information (name, email address, church, address and phone number) here.

At one point we will be switching from petition gathering to voting preparation and so we would like to stay in touch with each and every church to be able to effectively empower each pastor to please and serve God in rescuing those unjustly sentenced to death. Sign up to get Personhood email updates here.

Hopefully throughout the year you can reserve a section of a table/counter for Personhood FL at your church so that visitors and new people can be informed and aware of this move of God to bring redemption and healing to our land. Our desire at Personhood FL is to see the Body of Christ equipped to be able to bring righteousness to our nation, our state and your city.

To understand this movement more fully and to continue educating yourself as to the vision, mission and strategy of Personhood FL, please view We are actively recruiting Personhood missionaries to distribute petitions at local events! If you are interested or have questions, please contact us.

“…to Enjoy and Defend LIFE…”
Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin
State Coordinator, Personhood FL