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Sep 20

Personhood Petitioning at the CPAC Florida Convention Orlando

CPAC FL Conservative Political Action Conference Logo

The Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, is holding a conference in Orlando, Florida Friday, September 23. Many Republican Presidential candidates and several state and national political and conservative leaders, including Marco Rubio will attend and speak. This presents an excellent opportunity to collect prolife personhood petitions. You can petition outside the convention center as guests arrive and depart or register ($45 fee for one or $80 fee for two) to petition inside and hear the speakers. The current schedule is posted below.

Personhood FL is non-partisan and does not endorse specific candidates and/or political parties. We encourage all Candidates for all offices to endorse and sign the FL Personhood Amendment which will end abortion and protect all innocent human life, and we encourage all political parties to endorse the personhood amendment.

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