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Sep 11

We will never forget 911, A Call to Repentance for America, Pastor Longworth

If you we old enough to know what happened 9/11/2001, I’m sure you will never forget that day. I remember clearly standing in my living room watching in horror as the first pane hit the world trade center as I was about to leave for work. I remember watching the second plane hit the second …

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Feb 21

Will You Pray for America? Will You Pray for Revival and Reformation? Will You Pray for Personhood Florida?

A Prayer for Our Nation

Our task is great. The media, the courts, and our government stand against us. To succeed, we must receive God’s supernatural blessing to move the hearts of his people, his pastors, our state, and our nation to end abortion and protect all innocent human life. We need a spirit of repentance! We need revival! We need reformation! And these are birthed in prayer. Will you pray for revival and reformation? Will you pray for our nation? Will you pray for another great awakening? Will you pray for Personhood Florida?

May 05

Make it a Personhood National day of Prayer

Come join us locally in Saint Lucie County, or wherever you are at your local events, to pray to God for abortion to end and “to petition the government for a redress of grievances” for government, tax funded abortion especially. Bring your clip and petitions, let’s include the pre-born, elderly and the disabled in our prayers.

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