Jan 22

Video: 41 Years of Legal Child Killing is 41 Years Too Long! It Is Time to End Abortion!

Jane Roe is Dedicated to Undoing Roe

Jane Roe

January 22, 2014 marks Forty One years of legal child killing in America. Forty years is a Biblical generation. We have killed preborn children in America for more than a generation. It is time to end abortion and protect all innocent human life. It is time for the church to rise up and end abortion.

When I think about 40 years, I am reminded of the children of Israel. God delivered Pharaoh and his army in the red sea and promised to give Israel the land of Canaan, but the Israelites doubted whether God could deliver them from the giants in the land. That generation wondered in the wilderness until all of the men of war had died, and a new generation arose to possess the land.

In 1973, God called for His church to end abortion, but most Christians didn’t even know what abortion was. If it weren’t for a few, faithful Catholics, we wouldn’t even have had a prolife movement. For over forty years, we have sat back and allowed over 57,000,000 preborn children to be slaughtered in our country. Many of those who have been faithful have died or are near the end of their lives. It is time for a new generation to rise up and put an end to abortion and protect all innocent human life.

Will you be a part of the generation that ends abortion? Will you play a role in making history by restoring the sanctity of human life? Please download and sign The Right to Life of All Persons Recognized and Protected Amendment Petition today. Sign up for our next volunteer conference call, and make a donation to help Personhood FL end abortion and protect all innocent human life.

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