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What the Pre-born, Disabled and Elderly need You to do!

1.  Register to Vote. You must be a registered voter in the state of Florida to sign the new Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment Petition. Be sure to wait until you have your Voter Registration card before you sign the petition and then mail the petition to the address at the bottom of the petition.

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If you know others who aren’t registered to vote, ask them to register too, so that they sign the personhood petition. There are over 600,000 unregistered Christian voters in Florida which is almost enough people to get the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment on the ballot. To learn more about how you can help unregistered Floridians register to vote, visit

2.  Sign the Petition, be one of the 700,000 courageous Floridians needed to get the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment on the ballot.

3.  Pray – Covering Personhood FL and its mission with Prayer.

4.  Train for the Mission:

5.  Petition. We need almost 700,000 validated petition signatures to get the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment on the ballot in Florida. Collect petition signatures from friends, family members, neighbors, members of churches, synagogues, and civic organizations, business associates, and the general public.  Recruit and organize petitioning teams. Petition at sport events, beaches, malls, gun shows, knitting bees, concerts, parades, all family/church events. Personhood Missionaries with over 1000 verified petitions will be posted on

7.  Spread the word to prolifers, Christians, pastors, leaders and others. Write: “letters to the editor”,  (keep it under 300 words, be polite and edifying), blog posts, Twitter updates, Facebook, commenting on articles, emails, etc. (Include links to when possible – not all venues allow you to include a website but many do.

8.  Donate. To Obtain ballot access fo the Florida ProLife Personohood Amendment, we need to obtain nearly 700,000 validated petition signatures. To accomplish this, we need to implement direct marketing in addition to volunteer petitioning. Your gift of $10, $20, $25, $50, $100,  $500, $1,000, or more (there is no donation limit) will help us obtain that goal. Every $10 donation helps Personhood Florida obtain 8 signed petitions.  Please make your most generous donation today.

How to Petition Video By Cal Zastrow

How to Petition Video By Cal Zastrow Video 2

How to Petition on College Campuses Video By Cal Zastrow



Thank you helping Personhood FL restore the sanctity of human life.Your donation will help us protect all innocent human life from the earliest beginning to natural death. Use the links below to donate to Personhood Florida and Personhood Florida Education. Donate Now to Personhood FL, Inc. Your donation to Personhood Florida is not tax deductible …

Personhood Florida’s ProLife Days Registration


ProLife Events


What It Means to be ProLife in the 21st Century Conference Registration

We are calling all Florida pastors, prolife legislators, pregnancy center workers, sidewalk counselors, and prolife mobilizers to join together to end abortion and protect all innocent human life! We are inviting all of the “parts” of the pro-life movement to come together for a night of prayer, education and connection.  We believe every pro-life ministry …

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ProLife Event Submission

Do you know of a prolife event in your area? Personhood FL would like to help promote prolife events in your area, but first we need to know about your event. Please fill out and submit the form below to have your prolife event listed on Personhood FL’s website. We welcome Roe v Wade/Sanctity of …

Volunteer Call

Personhood FL is working to pass an amendment to the Florida constitution that will define all humans as persons. Persons already have a the right to life recognized by the FL and US constitutions. The Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment will end abortion, and protect all innocent human life, including the elderly, and the disabled. Because …

Petitioning Script

Petition script for petitioning in your church: Would you like to sign a prolife petition? As they come forward, ask them, Are you a Florida registered voter? If they say YES say: Will you sign a petition to get a prolife amendment on the ballot? If there is time…more details: This is a Constitution Amendment …


May this year be the year that the church will “Speak for the Weak” “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”(Pr 31:8-9) We do need Persons! The pre-born babies need YOU to take an active …