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National Helpline Link “National Helpline”  If you are hurting after abortion and would like to talk with a phone consultant who has experienced the pain but  has healed to help others, please call the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery 866.482.LIFE for a free, confidential  call or search our Provider Directory by your ZIP Code to find the abortion recovery program nearest you. You are not alone!

Additional Links You May Find Helpful

surrenderthesecret-300x66 “Surrender the Secret” is a 10-episode, Christian reality TV series following five women who tell their stories about having abortions in their past, and take a healing journey together. The women surrender their deepest, darkest secrets, and admit to aborting a past pregnancy. The women form a tight bond and embrace each other as they go on this journey together, sharing their abortion stories, learning about God’s love and forgiveness and getting set free from the bondage of their past decisions. “Candle In The Window” A nationwide network of local relief for pregnant women who need help. “Abortion Recovery InterNational” (ARIN) Restoring life and relationships after abortion. If you know someone who needs after abortion help, please refer them to our toll free number (1-866-4-My-Recovery) or our online CARE Directory. If someone is considering an abortion, please have them click here! Considering Abortion  “Rachel’s Vineyard” weekend retreats for healing after abortion  “Forgiven & Set Free”  A Post Abortion Bible Study  “Fatherhood Forever”  Men regret lost fatherhood … helping men find hope and healing after abortion. “Abortion Changes You”  “Befrienders” If you are in crisis, please contact Befrienders. Deaf Call 800.799.4TTY


National Memorial Wall  The “National Memorial for the Unborn” gives you the opportunity to honor your child by purchasing a brass name plate to be placed on the Wall of Names.  You can join thousands from across the country who have taken an important step in the healing process.

Other Resources “National Helpline” includes a wealth of information to various helpful “Links” about pregnancy, adoption, abortion recovery bible studies, counceling & training networking, links for men, memorials for unborn, research links; etc.  “The Justice Foundation”  The Justice Foundation’s “Center Against Forced Abortions” or “CAFA” was created to provide legal resources to mothers who are being forced or coerced into an unwanted abortion.  “Operation Outcry” is the ministry of The Justice Foundation to end the pain of abortion by exposing the truth about its devastating impact on women, men and families. We believe that this will be accomplished through prayer and with the testimonies of women and men who have suffered harm from abortion. We are working to restore justice and to protect women, men, and children from the destruction that abortion causes.  “Befrienders” If you are in crisis, please contact Befrienders. Deaf Call 800.799.4TTY

I Was Wrong – Click Here to Purchase Norma McCorvey’s video “I Was Wrong.”   Featuring Norma McCorvey (the former “Roe” in Roe vs. Wade),  Joyce Zounis, and Operation Outcry.  I Was Wrong captures the changed hearts of two women restored by the redemptive forgiveness of Jesus Christ and brings a deeper understanding of how abortion strikes at the heart and soul of America

Focus on the Family Resources

Faces of Abortion Television Show

Faces of Abortion Television Show  This powerful testimony of women and others hurt by abortion impacts all who see it. Show it to pregnancy center clients and church and community groups.


Confronting Abortion Distortion  http://www.AmaConfronting Abortion

In Confronting Abortion Distortions, authors Rhonda and Richard White go beyond the standard rhetoric of the hot-button issue of abortion. More than mere opinion, the authors give informative, easy-to-understand explanations of medical procedures, birth control options, scientific studies and research, as well as detailed breakdowns of the legalities surrounding the process and the industry. They also sort through topics such as abortion recovery, abortion healing, abortion history and the general opinions and misconceptions about abortion in America. Balancing biblical truth with research and statistics, Rhonda and Richard White have compiled a revealing, educational, gripping look at one of the most misleading and divisive issues in America today.


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